Line-up including Phil Ivey, Sam Tricket, John Juanda and Erik Seidel.

EPISODE 3/3: The massive buy-in Macau High Stakes Challenge ( $260,000 USD) got under way on Friday August 31st 2012. It was a spectacle for the ages and the first huge televised event in Macau.

The Prizepool totaled a whopping US$23,511,000!


Live Poker


Run it UP 217 - Trapping

Run it UP 217 - Trapping

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Online Poker with Jason Somerville at Ultimate Poker. Episode 217.

Run it UP 216 - Rapid Fire Poker with JS

Run it UP 216 - Rapid Fire Poker with JS

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Jason Somerville Episode 216 playing online at Ultimate Poker.

Run it UP 215 - Online Poker with JS

Run it UP 215 - Online Poker with JS

66 Views0 Comments

Jason Somerville Run it UP episode 215.

Boyle PokerTube Super League

Boyle PokerTube Super League

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Join the Boyle HU Super League here. Every Tournament is livestreamed on the PokerTube Homepage at 9pm CET Wednesday.

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  • Avatar of pendragon
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    @pendragon you are pretty disrespectful regarding the game of poker. if only tricket is of interest that is probably the wrong video for you to watch. Actually it is a great video cause these people play for so much money but they seem to have much more fun than any other player at an ept side event. maybe some of them are playin crazy but them having a good time at the table is good for the game.
  • Avatar of snakeborn
    Typical rookie comment
  • Avatar of pendragon
    Who else stopped watching this after Trickett got eliminated. Cus, who the fuck cares after that?