Daniel Negreanu is a 37-year-old World Class professional poker player who is done gambling with love. But Patti sends him to astrologer Christopher Renstrom, and soon Daniel has his confidence back. If he plays his cards right this time, he might even find love. Patti’s second millionaire is divorced, 40-year-old, family money heir Brian Holloway II. He’s a total Mama’s boy who brings his very English mama with him to meet Patti. Can Patti help Brian cut the apron strings and grow up?

Run it UP 217 - Trapping

Run it UP 217 - Trapping

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Online Poker with Jason Somerville at Ultimate Poker. Episode 217.

Run it UP 216 - Rapid Fire Poker with JS

Run it UP 216 - Rapid Fire Poker with JS

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Jason Somerville Episode 216 playing online at Ultimate Poker.

Run it UP 215 - Online Poker with JS

Run it UP 215 - Online Poker with JS

138 Views0 Comments

Jason Somerville Run it UP episode 215.

Boyle PokerTube Super League

Boyle PokerTube Super League

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Join the Boyle HU Super League here. Every Tournament is livestreamed on the PokerTube Homepage at 9pm CET Wednesday.

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  • Avatar of JamiePT
    D negs comes off brilliantly here. God for him :-)
  • Avatar of Theisen
    Congratulation to both of you guy´s & girls´s ....