Third Installment of the PokerTube Interactive Cash Game hosted by Connectorz. To get involved, join the Cash Game thread on the PokerTube forum!



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Lautie HSPLO with Joeingram1

Lautie HSPLO with Joeingram1

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High Stakes PLO Podcast with Joeingram1 and Lautie.

Rafa Nadal the Pilot - Pokerstars

Rafa Nadal the Pilot - Pokerstars

58 Views0 Comments

Rafa Nadal 'flying' a Pokerstars branded helicopter. Bluffing his passengers to stay in the helicopter as long as possible.

Dan Colman Great Poker Plays

Dan Colman Great Poker Plays

252 Views0 Comments

Rising Star Dan Colman making some great plays in the toughest games against the top poker pros.

Run it UP 218 - Ft. Antonio Esfandiari

Run it UP 218 - Ft. Antonio Esfandiari

207 Views0 Comments

Jason Somerville is joined online by fellow Ultimate Poker Pro Antonio Esfandiari!

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  • Avatar of DrBadugi
    co-commentary was great and bringing in the two players to discuss there hand is great. good job guys. dont know wtf i was rambling on about after i stacked off. lol (embarrassed face smiley!) what I said about weaker ace made no sense at all,id say i confused you! I hit my knee and my bluetooth mouse timed out so i got flustered my first time on skype sorry! Looking forward to the next episode, not sure ill play but hope to see another full ring video. will look at the thread tomorrow.
  • Avatar of connectorz
    lol I pressed enter! but yeah, despite those issues, we got out this episode. Should be good to see if people prefer the 6max v full ring, and how people felt the co-commentary went down. I think Matt did a good job, i'm sure most of you will too. Episode 4 will likely go back to full ring, and we are looking for new faces to join all the time, so apply in the thread on the forum! Cheers for watching.
  • Avatar of connectorz
    Yeah, just for the record, whilst I still think this is good content, we ran into a ton of issues this week. Players had to leave for various reasons throughout the game, we started later than we wanted to, and some players had serious internet troubles to the point they couldn't be on the skype call.
  • Avatar of ICudBeUrs
    These video comments don't work the same as the forum comments :|. If you press return they send :(. Roots you three outed my AQ and FYI I will usually check back a T on the flop and raise it 90+% on the turn. The video turned out better than I thought it would in the end. GG guys.
  • Avatar of B4RT3K
    That "xB4RT3Kx" guy is the worst. T5o