Stosh and Hunter team up for a special series covering live poker. Stosh gives us a look into his poker notebook from his time playing live poker after Black Friday. Hunter provides additional commentary as together they thoroughly cover all aspects an online player will need. Everything from technical adjustments to general observations are covered. This series will be a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to make a leap into casino poker.

Run it UP 217 - Trapping

Run it UP 217 - Trapping

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Online Poker with Jason Somerville at Ultimate Poker. Episode 217.

Run it UP 216 - Rapid Fire Poker with JS

Run it UP 216 - Rapid Fire Poker with JS

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Jason Somerville Episode 216 playing online at Ultimate Poker.

Run it UP 215 - Online Poker with JS

Run it UP 215 - Online Poker with JS

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Jason Somerville Run it UP episode 215.

Boyle PokerTube Super League

Boyle PokerTube Super League

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Join the Boyle HU Super League here. Every Tournament is livestreamed on the PokerTube Homepage at 9pm CET Wednesday.

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