1 Year 1 Million Week 2 Report

2 months ago
1 Year 1 Mill Week 2 Report
14 Mar

Setting yourself a target for the year and completely crushing the first month of it must be a great feeling – and that’s exactly what our four young online modern-day ballers have done in their ‘1 year 1 million’ Thailand grindhouse challenge, raking in €149,200 – and that’s not including rakeback!

As I wrote recently, the guys – who prefer to go by their pseudonyms of JTK, Mogli, Goodfake and Caveman, at least for now - are focusing on heads-up and 6-max cash games online, at stakes anywhere from 1/2 up to 10/20 on well-known eurosites, in a bid to prove that 1 million in 1 year is doable given the right attitude, talent and work ethic.

Videoblogging their efforts on PokerTube and PokerVIP.com has already introduced them to the poker community, and you certainly can’t belittle the hours they are putting in – or the crazy win-rates they are producing.

The vlog, this time without JTK who was MIA, has been upgraded to include some pretty gawdy awful graphics – but as you’ll see from the graph below it’s clear that crushing the poker tables is more important to the guys than learning the finer points of PowerPoint!

Caveman 80 hours
JTK 133 hours
Mogli 92 hours
Goodfake 125 hours

Those are amazing numbers, especially as we are being told every day that online poker is in its death-throes! “The best 2 weeks in my life…and my poker career!”, admits Goodfake in their update, but can the boys keep up the effort and the run-good?

"I worked 10 hours each day and I’m pretty tired from it,” he admits, adding, “but you got to do what you got to do!”

Naturally in this day and age the fans and viewers want more than just numbers, and the crew have added hand analysis sessions to their channel, as well as the occasional of what they get up to on their days off – not that they seem to have many of those, dedication to the game is their byword!

Although no the first challenge of its kind – many will recall the series following the 2 months 2 million team back in 2009 when poker was still booming – the 1 year 1 million challenge is a far more down-to-earth undertaking.

True poker fans and players will understand just how difficult it is to grind the game every day, so good luck to them I say, and you can follow their progress over at PokerVIP.com, as well as my occasional updates here on PokerTube. Crush it guys!

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