Paving the Way for Poker in India

3 years ago
21 Jul

Online poker in India isn't a term that you would likely come across on any poker forums or news sites. The game of poker has never been a big thing in that country, mostly due to the lack of promotion and advertising, but things have been changing during the recent years.

If the name Adda52 doesn't ring a bell in your head just yet, it most certainly will very soon, as this biggest online poker site in India has firmly decided that it is their job and duty to promote poker in this Asian country using all means available to them in an effort to bring a well deserved attention of the Indian people to this game. was launched in 2012 by two poker enthusiasts, Mr. Anuj Gupta and Mr. Mohit Agarwal. They both started with a vision that they could promote poker as a game of skill in India. From that vision and with help of some computer-minded friends, Adda52 was born.

Wanting to appeal to the youth of the country, the site established connections with Bollywood and on-field cricket tournaments. Apart from this, the site also hosts satellites to major live tournaments in India and across Asian continent.

Building the name for poker in the country, in 2014 the site hosted a four-month long Poker Millionaire Tour, boasting an overall prize pool of 1.3 Crore (13 million Indian rupees or $205,000). In addition to this, every year Adda52 gives out the player of the year award for the most accomplished player on the site.

Going one step further, in 2015 started their own pro team under the name Team Spades, gathering some of the biggest names of poker in India, like Aditya Sushant, Kunal Patni, Muskan Sethi and Amit Jain. This is the first-ever pro poker team in India and most of their endeavors are focused on promoting poker and attracting new players to the game through different activities.

During their most recent promotion, the site sent total of ten players to this year's World Series of Poker, which is easily the biggest contingent of players to qualify for the Series via an Asian poker site.

Poker has been booming in Asia during the recent years, but there was a realistic possibility that India might be left out in this process due to different factors. However, with the efforts that Adda52 and the team behind the room have been putting in, chances for this kind of development are quite reduced.

Being the second most populated country in the world, with more than one billion people, India could certainly become a major player on the online and live poker scene if the game picks up some traction. Promotional and other work done by Adda52 and their Spades is certainly a big push in the right direction and if things play out right, we might even be looking into another poker boom - and a one that no one saw coming!

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