Ty Stewart Funny Comment about WSOP Cards Starts Major Debate

5 years ago
WSOP Playing cards
23 Jun

One of the things that's marked the World Series of Poker 2015, apart from all the golden bracelets and big prize pools (those are standard), are players' complaints about playing cards. From accusations of cheating in the $10k Heads Up championship to numerous other issues, it is safe to say that players are not happy with the overall quality of playing cards this year.

The situation took somewhat of a funny turn last night when, during a Twitter debate on the topic, Ty Stewart, World Series of Poker Executive Director, made a funny comment in response to David Baker, saying that it would help if players weren't folding them like paper airplanes.

What was clearly meant as a joke quickly escalated as it was interpreted as WSOP blaming players for their own omissions. A Two Plus Two thread followed not long after, and the majority of players seemed outraged about this statement. While it is clear from the numbers of players complaining, which is probably higher than any other year, the statement itself has been blown out of proportions.

WSOP will clearly have to do something about the cards, and they already are, although it is fair to say that they took bit longer than they should have. But from where I'm standing, Ty was just trying to lighten the mood a little. I am not close to the problem and it didn't affect me personally, so perhaps my opinion is somewhat warped (which is only appropriate given the situation), but I'd never expect such a reaction to what was clearly meant to be a joke. Not being on the spot, it is hard to say what prompted it, but perhaps card really are that bad that players simply had enough of it?

Whatever the case, the joke was not well received and Ty felt that he should probably skip trying to be funny in the future. If he really meant it or should we read more into it?

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