ACR Launch Venom and OSS Series for Summer 2020

2 weeks ago
ACR Launch Venom and OSS Series for Summer 2020
21 Jul

ACR is getting in on the tournament action this summer with the latest running of the $7 million Venom series and the Online Super Series Cub3d X.

Summer 2020 has come up with an insane amount of top quality tournaments online and now it’s ACR’s turn to crush it.

$7 Million Venom

The Venom tournament is back with a record $7 million up for grabs and at least $1 million for the winner. Just like last time there will be four separate Day One starting flights giving you plenty of options to get qualified for Day Two.

The direct buy-in will once again cost $2,650, but for those with a more modest bankroll there are the usual selection of satellite tournaments to give you a shot at playing against high stakes regs for a small investment.

The Venom Cyclones are an exciting way to fight your way into the action. For as little as $0.11 you can battle through the nine-step process with the ultimate goal being a $2,650 ticket for the Venom proper. All you have to do is ramp up your starting stack from between 1,112 to 1,604 up to 5,000 chips.

If you prefer a more traditional route then there are also on-demand satellite tournaments as well as single table tournaments. It couldn’t be easier.

If you find you have a knack for the satellites you can win multiple tickets and sell all but your first one. You can also use only one ticket for the main event.

The Venom schedule is as follows:

  • Day 1A: Friday, July 24th, 1pm ET
  • Day 1B: Sunday, July 26th, 1pm ET
  • Day 1C: Friday, July 31st, 1pm ET
  • Day 1D: Sunday, August 2nd, 1pm ET
  • Day 2: Monday, August 3rd, 1pm ET
  • Day 3: Tuesday, August 4th, 1pm ET

For all relevant information check out the official page here.

Online Super Series Cub3d X

The OSS Cub3d returns on August 3rd, running until the 30th. Four weeks of non-stop action with $15 million guaranteed across all prize pools.

There will be no less than three different series running through the month, starting with the Mini Online Super Series.

In keeping with ACR’s commitment to provide exciting festivals full of action and the chance to win big no matter what your bankroll is. The first week culminates with the Main Event promising a tidy $250,000. The buy-in is $55 buy-in and kicks off on Sunday, August 9th.

On August 10th the action heats up as the Online Super Series begins. This is the site flagship series with some insane sums waiting to be won. Two weeks of battling it out will climax with the main event on Sunday, August 23rd where a $630 buy-in gives you the chance to grab a big share of $1 million.

And there’s more. The final week’s action is all about the Bigger Online Super Series. This is where the real high rollers get together to square up over the virtual felt. A $2,650 buy-in Main Event will also have a $1 million guarantee giving a fitting end to an amazing month’s worth of poker.

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