American Tries to Avoid Paying a Gambling Debt by Faking His Own Kidnapping

2 months ago
American Tries to Avoid Paying a Gambling Debt by Faking His Own Kidnapping
08 Mar

An American is heading to court later this month to face charges of fraud and filing a false police report. Robert Brandel, 60, was discovered trussed up inside his truck by police in Buffalo, New York State, but immediately alarm bells were ringing about his appearance.

Brandel reported that he had been kidnapped by two armed men two days previously, but police were wary of his story because of of his clean shaven face and also of the fact he appeared to be perfectly calm.

Following further investigation the authorities now believe Brandel faked his abduction in order to avoid settling a $50,000 gambling debt. He told the police he had gone to meet the two kidnappers because they were involved in a Super Bowl Squares bet with him.

After being threatened with a gun Brandel then claims he was robbed of $16,000 and then made to drive around the state for two days until finally being tied up and left in his truck. 

Police didn’t believe the story and further investigation revealed that it was likely Brandel had forged some other names in his Square bet in an attempt to keep most of the winnings himself.

Officer James O'Callaghan told the media that they were immediately suspicious of Brandel’s story because of his physical condition three days into an abduction.

"A normal person that's been abducted and has gone through something like that, their heart rate would be very high, they're worried, depressed, a lot of emotions that will be bubbling up."

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