Are You Ready for Season 3 of Online Poker League?

4 years ago
OPL: Season 3
27 Sep

It’s that time again folks! The world’s largest Online Poker League (OPL) opens its doors on October 1st for season 3 and what promises to be an even bigger and better version of last season’s successes, involving 10 of the world’s leading poker rooms and promising $18,000 in prizes for the leaderboard winners and more than $35k in total!

The league - run by poker players FOR pokers players - has caught the imagination of the playing public, desperate to get away from the model of the GPL which sees big name pros getting even richer while offering very little to its fans.

The OPL actually allows people like you and me to kickstart their careers, the prizes offering a real springboard for those looking to launch themselves into full-time poker.

How Much Can I Win?

Well that depends on how good you are of course! But if I said up to $1000 in cash per tournament and seven times that much for the overall league winner you’ll probably be more than happy. And what’s more, the winner of each tournament also gets one of a bagful of amazing goodies – take a look below but don’t take the McPoker table, that’s mine!

Now that is $7000 worth of prizes people! And those are only the 1st place bonuses. 2nd to 20th also win extras on top of the cash and points.

So, how does it work?

It’s a league with a traditional leaderboard. You play events throughout October and your 10 best finishes count towards your final position. So let’s say you finish 3rd in a tournament – you gain 65 points towards your leaderboard position. The winner gets 100 and a top 50 finish gets you at least 5 points. Add them all up over the next four weeks and voila! We have a winner!

And although there will be at least one tournament going on every night, this means you don’t have to play absolutely everything – and each tournament has its own prizepool anyway, so even if you can’t make the whole October ‘season’ you can still win big.

What are the buy-ins?

Each tournament costs between $3 and $5. The whole point of the league is to make it accessible to everyone, whereas other leagues seem hell-bent on excluding all but the richest poker players among us!

Do the maths. If you’re lucky, or skilful enough, you could spend about $50 in total and walk away with the $7,000 first prize! Not to mention all the prize money and goodies your play would pick up along the way.

Which sites can I play on?

Industry leaders such as 888poker, Unibet, TonyBet, Coral and Betfair have joined forces with Tigergaming, Natural8, Netbet Poker, Betonline and Betvictor to provide players with an amazing choice of sites and tournaments.

With experience and variety such as this you can see why seasons 1 and 2 were so successful and why players have flocked to the OPL: they can actually see their favorite poker sites taking care of them and offering more than ‘get lucky jackpots’ which leave 99.9% of players worse off.

Who is behind the OPL?

It’s always good to know these things and the simple answer is that it’s one of the leading companies in poker which includes our very own PokerTube and also PokerVIP in its portfolio.

The fact that they also back PokerVIP’s $80,000 monthly race speaks volumes about who they are catering to – the average player who wants to improve and perhaps get his chance at the big time. Paying out over $1million per year to genuine poker fans isn’t a boast – it’s a fact!

Where can I watch the tournaments?

Nowadays any event worth its salt uses social media to keep players updated and informed and the OPL is way out in front here, with no less than four different Twitch streamers sharing and commenting on the action!

Tonkaaaap is a partner and Spraggy is also involved while the irrepressible DougPolk will also be live streaming his pick of the best, as will PokerTube’s very own Facebook page.

Not a bad start and we’ll have much more info on the Twitch side of things soon.

Who else is involved?

You may have noticed the ‘extra prizes’ I mentioned earlier - above and beyond the substantial tournament and leaderboard prizes.

That’s because the OPL has partnered with a huge array of sponsors to offer everything from expenses paid trips to big events, business class flights, bespoke poker chips, training site subscriptionsand even your ownpersonal poker table courtesy of McPoker, who recently made one for Wimbledon champ Andy Murray! Check them out here and tell me you’re not just as excited about these prizes as the money on offer!

Every place from 1st to 20th in each event secures one of the prizes on top of your cash prize and leaderboard points. The fact that the top sites are partnering with a range of sponsors shows that the ethos of the OPL is to offer big incentives to get you playing and working your way towards a poker future which won’t be populated only by millionaire pros and lottery winners.

How do I sign up?

Pretty simple and straightforward really – just sign up to poker rooms directly via the OPL site, or else OPL partners such as PokerVIP, PokerTube and WeakTight to be eligible to earn your points on the leaderboard.

If you are already playing on one of the sites and fancy joining in the OPL excitement just drop them an email. You can check out all the details here.


Ok, it’s the OPL, the world’s biggest online poker league, but you’ve got to be in it to win it – so you have to sign up to take part.

Running from 1st October until 31st October, tournament every day across 10 different major poker sites.

$35,000 in prizes with $18k for the leaderboard winners – a hefty $7k for the player at the top of the standings!

Masses of additional prizes to be won on top of the individual events’ prizefund, and buy-ins from $3 - $5.

The chance to participate in an event run by poker enthusiasts for poker enthusiasts – none of your ‘elite players getting even richer’ nonsense here - the OPL is for the everyday player!

Industry-leading organisation with a newly-updated website to keep abreast of how well you’re doing in season 3.

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