Ben Affleck Plays High-Stakes Poker Session After Getting Drunk at Halloween Party

3 months ago
Ben Affleck Plays High-Stakes Poker Session After Getting Drunk at Halloween Party
02 Nov

A-Class celeb Ben Affleck has been playing a little high-stakes poker after getting drunk at a Halloween party. The Hollywood star got bored with the celebrations and left to try his luck at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles.

Not to Be Recommended

Affleck is known to enjoy a spot of poker every now and then, but this is the first time he has been seen playing in an inebriated state

After turning up to find the high-stakes game already full, the management made a special arrangement to play 10-handed. No doubt the rest of the players quickly agreed once they saw the state of him.

The 47-year-old bought in for $20,000 and then very nearly fell out of his seat, such was the level of his drunkenness. Twelve minutes later, with $1,500 profit, Affleck decided that he wasn’t in a fit state to play after all and left.

Back on the Wagon

This bout of public drunkenness comes in the middle of Affleck‘s drive to get sober. It is barely more than 12 months ago that he went to rehab and took on a sober coach. Speaking to TMZ magazine he said that this recent slip up would not deter him from reaching his goal.

Affleck’s interest in gambling also strays beyond poker. The two-time Oscar winner was banned from the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas back in 2014 for counting cards at the blackjack tables.

The pit bosses took the more than reasonable action of warning him not to continue with his ‘advantage play’, rather than just booting him out of the door, but still he persisted. It is unclear if the entry into the famous ‘black book’ bars Affleck from any other Nevada casinos, as is normally the case.

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