Best Poker Twitch Streams: June

4 years ago
Best Poker Twitch Streams In June
27 Jun


Twitch and Poker go together like marmalade and jam, peanuts and butter, or diet coke and, well, everything! I love watching poker streams and probably log in once a day to see who is streaming.

Here are my top five poker streamers for the month of June. I have selected them using a number of factors. First, they need to keep to a regular and reliable schedule and interact well with their audience. Second, they need to be entertaining. Third, they need to understand poker and teach me something, and finally, they need to have a professional looking stream.

Please note Jason Somerville is not in the list and the only reason why is because whenever I logged in he was not streaming! Jason is a superb poker streamer though and you can catch his streams here. Where else can watch a streamer playing in a $10,000 buy-in online poker tournament? You should definitely check Jason’s stream out, but outside of that incredible popular stream, here are my top 5 poker streams this month.


Spraggy, real name Benji Spragg, is based in the UK and is a former full-time professional poker player. After earning more than $200,000 playing online, $130,000 of which was made in heads-up online cash games, Spraggy took a break from live play and is filling in his time interacting with users on his Twitch channel as he plays poker. Spraggy can usually be found streaming to his fans from 3pm GMT until late, depending on the finishing times of the tournaments he enters. He does not stream on the weekends.

Spraggy has clearly spent a lot of time optimizing his channel and has a crisp, if unspectacular, looking Twitch overlay. His “panels” have been well thought out and the graphics are clear. According to his Twitch panels, he once received a donation of £3,360 from a generous Twitch viewer who obviously liked what they saw and I am sure you will enjoy his poker streaming too.


Buehlero, real name Henri Buhler, is an aspiring 19 year old German poker player who quit University to shoot for the stars on the poker tables. He is relatively new to twitch having only began to stream in January 2016, and he streams from 3pm CET. As Henri plays MTTs he can often stream for many hours at a time, so there will be plenty of opportunities to watch him.

His grasp of English is excellent but he does have a strong german accent so you will need to listen to him carefully. He is clearly very intelligent and quickly rattles off his thoughts about the spot he is facing. He occasionally slips into talking German so you need to pay attention!

Henri has set up lots of tools on his slick looking stream to display useful information such as his stream uptime for the session, his last donator, the top donator to the stream, and the current song that is being played in the background. He continues to upgrade and develop his stream overlay on an ongoing basis.


Matt Staples (brother of Jaime Staples) followed his brother into the world of poker streaming and as he was once Jaime’s Personal Assistant, he rode the “pokerstaples” popularity by registering and building his own online reputation as “PokerstaplesPA”. Matt has done really well as a streamer, starting with $8 and building up to his current bankroll size which is an impressive $5000 at the time of writing.

Matt has a similar style to his brother and is very friendly and engaging to his viewers. He is regularly staked by his supporters for larger tournaments and has a good grasp of poker strategy. His stream has been upgraded to look very professional and having asked in the chat, I am informed that Matt is currently streaming poker full-time. I am not jealous at all!

Matt currently has 13,500 Twitch followers and quite a few subscribers. He might have piggybacked Jaime’s Twitch success, but even with this helping hand, Matt is a quality poker streamer in his own right and very worthy of his own place in our June poker Twitch top 5.


I believe Courtibee, real name Courtney Gee, is destined for Twitch greatness. She is engaging and friendly and she has had some quality emotes around the bee theme designed by an artist, she even has stickers across her background wall if you look carefully.

There is a ton of information about her in her panels and the way her channel is designed overall is super professional. It is clearly a quality operation and she deserves real credit for the way she has set up her channel. I would go as far as saying she has the best looking Twitch stream of all the streamers I have seen. It is that good.

I was also particularly impressed with how she promotes her channel in a subtle but effective way and how much information she packs onto her Twitch overlay. Courtibee very nearly was placed into top spot for my recommended streams. I can watch her play for hours and never get bored. She plays at a high level so you can learn a lot and also blogs about poker here.


Pokerstaples, real name Jaime Staples, is a really nice young guy who ran it up big time around two years ago playing online tournaments. Jaime and is very open about his bankroll, including his wins and losses. What I like about Jaime is that he answers questions respectfully at all times even when the question is clearly a troll question and he never loses his cool. This generates a calm atmosphere on his stream, unlike when I was watching another streamer yesterday, (not poker) and out of nowhere this guy suddenly screamed into the camera then sat back, laughed and said “gotcha”. I was not impressed.

Jaime displays his buy-ins for the day and profit and loss for the year. When he reaches a final table, he puts the chat to subscribers only, which incentivises you to pay the $4.99 to subscribe to his channel so you can take part in the drama. His stream looks professional and I have enjoyed railing him on numerous high runs where he has cashed for as much as $29,000 in one online tournament. Jaime has a proven track record in online MTTs and you can learn a lot from watching his moves and listening to him discuss the reasons for playing the hand the way he did. Pokerstaples is a worthy winner of my streamer of the month title.

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