BetOnline Software Times Out During $350,000 Bad Beat Jackpot Hand

1 month ago
BetOnline Software Times Out During $350,000 Bad Beat Jackpot Hand
30 May

An incredible video has come to light showing the worst bad beat ever seen, and not just in the way you might think.

A player on the BetOnline platform, Devowned, was in a three-way pot holding a backdoor straight flush draw on a paired board. All players continue to the turn when the draw comes in, now it’s cross your fingers time and hope that somebody has at least trips.

When one of his opponents leads he’s thinking great and getting paid won’t be a problem, but incredibly the software jams and he can’t make the call, eventually timing out.

The game was a $100NL cash game so it’s not life changing money, or at least that’s what he thought at the time.

Suddenly Devowned  is returned to the hand, albeit no longer taking part as he was auto-folded out, and the remaining two players get the money in. Incredibly both players turn over quads and a full house showing that Devowned would have triggered the $350,000 bad beat jackpot.


Whenever something like this happens all the conspiracies come out. A nine-page thread on TwoPlusTwo created quite a bit of discussion.

When awareness of what happened spread, a BetOnline contacted Devowned and informed him:

“I spoke to my boss today and this is what he found out so far, upon an initial review from software developers there was no connection issue that affected customers whilst you experienced your disconnection.”

So, as is usually the case, the platform owners can fall back on the smallprint that states players are responsible for their own internet connection

Are they really going to sweep this ridiculous hand under the carpet?

While we awaited news of what the final decision would be there were plenty of conspiracies being posted on TwoPlusTwo, the most “out there” quoted below.

“Somehow, some way, their software knows when a bbj is going to hit during the hand. The rogue employee(s) knows the IP of the players involved.”
“He can disconnect you and normally the hand is over before you reconnect, but bc there were 3 players in the hand op got to see the results.”

Everybody Made Whole

After a long conversation about the matter on Twitter BetOnline have sorted this mess out in the most amazing way possible

People might cry out and say people power forced them to do it but legally they didn’t have to do what they did. The company bosses ended up paying out the jackpot out of the company’s pocket without triggering the jackpot.

“Just to be clear, we couldnt transfer the money over from that jackpot to these guys manually. That added a layer of difficulty to the situation. We cant touch a jackpot not triggered automatically. We ended up paying this jackpot out of pocket and the current jackpot not touched”.

So the $350,000 bad beat jackpot is still in place and all three players at the table got paid. The player who made the original Twitter post collected a cool $53,532 prize for his share.

One poster said:

”Imagine being another guy at the table not having twitter and logging on to their account just now”.

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