Betting Weed on a Poker Hand Ends in Arrest for Stoner

3 months ago
Betting Weed on a Poker Hand Ends in Arrest for Stoner
06 May

A peek into the YouTube archives can sometimes find some funny stuff, but it may not be funny to the guy who ends up in handcuffs, especially when that guy is a full-fledged Cannabis Club card member - whatever that is.

We go back more than a decade ago to find our subject a bit hazy on marijuana laws that were in place at the time. Apparently out of chips and wanting to continue playing poker in a casino card room, the guy pulls out a bag of weed and places his bet in buds, according to a KMPH News video.

While a good number of poker players would certainly accept that bet and be more than happy to win a pot that contains pot, the casino was having none of it. Law enforcement was summoned and the weed-loving poker player was dealt a stint in a jail cell and a visit in front of a judge.

The guy was perhaps a bit ahead of his time. With marijuana being decriminalized in a number of regions throughout the US, and Americas Cardroom running 420-friendly poker festivals such as the recently concluded High Five Series, the bud-betting poker player was possibly foretelling the future.

Or maybe he thought he was seated at his local home game, where betting marijuana instead of cash may not be all that uncommon. In any event, he certainly was pot-commited.

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