“Billy the Egyptian” Masterminds Sophisticated Casino Scam

2 years ago
“Billy the Egyptian” Masterminds Sophisticated Casino Scam
03 Aug

An poker player known on the scene as Billy the Egyptian, is being hunted after masterminding a scam in cahoots with a dealer. The pair were found to be using an electronic device to give himself an unbeatable advantage.

The scam was conducted in Alea owned Springfield Quay Casino, in Glasgow, Scotland where it was confirmed by police and the casino management what had transpired. A patron had contacted the police himself to report suspected cheating at one of the poker tables.

One grinder who has played many sessions with Billy told the Daily Record:

”I have seen this guy in action. At first I thought he was a really poor player because he was backing really outside chances. Then it dawned on me that he was a really lucky player, because despite the bad decision-making, he kept on winning. This guy has been playing in the Glasgow Cash Game for about five years.”

The Scam

The exact details of how the scam worked are not known, but the local players are saying it involved the dealer leaving the deck undisturbed for a short period of time. Billy would always be sat in exactly the same seat relative to the dealer in every session too. One hypothesis is that a tiny camera on a device would read an electronically marked deck of cards and feed that information to a mobile phone with an earpiece. The player would then have an incredible advantage on the other players, but this is, of course, still conjecture.

No arrests have yet been made, but Billy is thought to be back in London where he works as a businessman. As casinos in the UK require membership before entry, it is certain that the police know Billy’s real identity and will be able to pick him up at will to bring this story to some kind of conclusion soon.

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