Bitcoin Watch: University Offers Free Online Course

6 years ago
Bitcoin Watch: University Offers Free Online Course
06 Feb

Are you perplexed and perhaps unsure of Bitcoin's role in online poker and gambling currently and in years to come?

Who isn't? Answers will likely be forthcoming in a free Masters-level course provided by the University of Cumbria located in the UK.

According to Coindesk, the course will be taught online beginning on February 16 and will last an entire month. The subject is listed as 'Money and Society' MOOC, which translates to "massive open online course."

Before looking at the future of money, it is likely best to know a thing or two about money's past. In that regard, students who sign up can expect to gain knowledge about "the essence of money and how it has been interpreted and misinterpreted over the last three millennia."

When looking at money's future, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are expected by some to play a large role. Especially in the igaming industry, where the ability to process deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin rapidly, and with greater anonymity than USD or Euros, are seen as huge positives.

That role was heightened by announcements around the first of the year that three new Bitcoin-only poker sites would be making their debuts in the market in 2015. Get Lucky Poker, BitnPlay and Burnturn Poker all trumpeted their up and coming arrivals.

Get Lucky Poker remains in beta test mode and recently added Classic Chinese Poker and Open Face Chinese Poker to its offerings; BitnPlay was set to launch on February 1 but had to cancel a Partner's Freeroll"due to unexpected server problems" and is working on a new launch date; and Burnturn Poker remains on track for a rollout early in 2015 without a specific date targeted.

In the meantime, those who want to know more about cryptocurrencies can signup for the U of Cumbria Internet course that will delve into many issues. One such issue, as pointed out by one of the professors who designed the course, Jem Bendell, is: "Once we understand that a currency is a process, not a thing, we can explore and design the innovations that use currencies as tools in service of a productive community."

Over one hundred eager students have already enrolled in the course. By the way, the University of Cumbria is Bitcoin-friendly, meaning that tuition can be paid in the virtual currency. But no such payment is required in the free online 'future of money' course.

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