Chris “Big Huni” Hunichen’s Coronavirus Bet Hits Mainstream News Once Again

1 month ago
Chris “Big Huni” Hunichen’s Coronavirus Bet Hits Mainstream News Once Again
01 Jun

Elite pro Chris 'Big Hun'i Hunichen has won his bet that more than 100,000 people would die from COVID-19 in the US before September. The American hit the headlines a month ago when he caused a scandal by asking for prop bet action on Twitter.

The story was even covered by the mainstream media who have once again picked it up after Hunichen easily won the wager.

Shocking But Misunderstood

Hunichen caused outrage on social media when initially making the bet. But in the end his explanation that he was only raising awareness was accepted by most.

“Want to take over 100k deaths from COVID-19 in US by September 1st. Must know you or if I don’t you must post or escrow.”

Blake 'empiremaker' Stevenson had even made the same bet for 50,000 people this year, and nobody batted an eyelid.

Hunichen genuinely seemed scared of what was going on, particularly when the world was still unsure of where this was all heading.

“Every day, I would see some kind of article where some 30-year-old or 35-year-old dies from this stuff. Honestly, I’m terrified. If I get it, I feel like that’s going to be me.”

It’s fair to say that Hunichen does fit the demographics of those most vulnerable, apart from still being a young man. He is carrying a few extra lbs and says he is asthmatic.

So, in the end Hunichen has declared victory in his $10,000 wager for the 100,000 deaths happening well within the timeframe. He also won another for $2,500 where the loser had to hand the winner the money to donate to a COVID-19 relief charity of their choice.

Looking back it’s harsh to accuse him of being in the wrong for making such a bet. Insensitive for sure, but he certainly achieved his goal of raising awareness. No doubt many poker players have seen the story going on and helped in their own way.

Of course, this tale wouldn’t be a true poker tale if it weren’t for a little black humour aimed squarely back at Hunichen. One of his Twitter followers posted,

“from the looks of it he might want to stay in.........any prop bets on him and his lifespan.......if so let me know id love to take it”


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