COVID-19 Tests Threaten to Derail WSOP 2020 Main Event

2 months ago
COVID-19 Tests Threaten to Derail WSOP 2020 Main Event
18 Nov

The WSOP organisers have inserted a rule into the regulations concerning the 2020 Main Event stipulating that all final players must pass a COVID-19 test.

This might sound obvious given the current climate but the reliability of such tests has been thrown into doubt of late. Elon Musk took four tests on the same day last week only to pass two and fail two, with no clear answer on his true state of health.

There is also concern about multiple players possibly being missing from either final table. What about the heads-up finale? It would be embarrassing to call that off on the eve of play having dragged a player from across the ocean to play only to disqualify them.

Up in the Air

When the WSOP 2020 Main Event was announced with an online-live hybrid format there were many skeptical voices. The current state of international travel is a complete mess, with no firm timetable for any improvement. 

WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart said:

“There must be a world champion in 2020. Poker’s history is too important. It’s a unique format for the Main Event, but this is a unique year. We want to keep players’ health and safety top of mind and still deliver a great televised showcase for the game we love.”

Health being a particular noteworthy point. It’s all very well saying that any player testing positive will be disqualified, but unless a vaccine program starts soon we might find ourselves short of players.

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