Dan Smith Bets His Condo in Daily Fantasy Sports Wager with Blake “Empiremaker2” Stevenson

1 year ago
Dan Smith Bets His Condo in Daily Fantasy Sports Wager with Blake “Empiremaker2” Stevenson
23 Dec

High-stakes tournament crusher Dan Smith has offered an insane bet on DFS with Blake 'Empiremaker2' Stevenson that includes his condo in Las Vegas. This has to be the ultimate troll bet, akin to chucking your car keys into the pile of chips in the middle.

Smith has over $36 million worth of live tournament winnings to his name, and is a very good chess player, so we can assume that he is a natural problem solver. Moving out of his usual area of expertise might not be too much of a problem. 

Empiremaker2, however, is a candidate for best daily fantasy sports player in the world

Has Smith bitten off more than he can chew here?

Smith tweeted how he and fellow poker legend Aaron 'AEJones' Jones were spending up to $175,000 every week on DFS but Stevenson was trolling, as usual, about raising the stakes up to $1 million.

Smith took the bait and offered to pony up $500,000 on a DFS football competition and promised to hand over the deeds to his Las Vegas condo if he lost. Insanity, but we like his style.

Will Stevenson agree to terms? We hope so but he has form for not stepping up to the plate.

Only recently he tried to taunt Fedor Holz into accepting a heads-up PLO match and threw insults after Holz said he would prefer to work out something with NL

Hopefully Smith’s offer of donating $50,000 to charity, if he wins, will be enough of a sweetener to get a deal going.

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