David Peters Wins 28th Aria $25k High Roller

4 months ago
28th Aria $25k High Roller
30 Dec

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It’s a busy period for the ‘big boys’, a series of post-Christmas high-rollers at the Aria Resort and Casino giving the likes of Doug Polk, Erik Seidel, Dan Smith and David Peters the chance to gamble away to their hearts’ content in two $25k and one $100k buy-in events.

Yesterday saw the series opener, a 26-player warm-up with a $624,000 prizepool on offer to the deep-pocketed hopefuls, with close to $300,000 up top for the eventual winner.

Now in its 48th edition, Brian Rast was the bookies favorite having 12 cashes and over $10million under his belt from previous Aria high-rollers, while Thomas Marchese – with 22 cashes, $5million and an absolute heater of a 2016 expected to be up there too.

It was, however, another group of Aria regulars who forced the pace - with Cary Katz and Jake Schindler once again making the money, their 2nd and 3rd spot respectively edging out Seidel in 4th.

The winner? A name who has been touted as perhaps the best of all players on the high-stakes scene, the remarkable David Peters who has been on the heater of all heaters this past year at the Aria: three 1st spots, two 2nds and two 4ths racking up almost $2million since last December.

Career earnings of almost $15million has taken the Ohio man into the top 20 of all time and he’s showing no signs of slowing down yet! Tomorrow will likely see the familiar faces back for another crack at the jackpot in the 2nd $25K high-roller. Can Peters do it again? Watch out for another report tomorrow evening.

1 David Peters USA $292,232
2 Jake Schindler
3 Cary Katz USA
4 Erik Seidel USA

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