Ellen DeGeneres Receives Poker Coaching From WPT Commentator Vince Van Patten

5 months ago
Ellen DeGeneres Receives Poker Coaching From WPT Commentator Vince Van Patten
31 Jan

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres has been taking poker coaching from Vince Van Patten. DeGeneres’ wife, actress Portia de Rossi, thought it would be a nice gift to treat her to lessons from the World Poker Tour commentator for her birthday.

“Happy Birthday to my wife! I surprised her with a poker coaching session with none other than WPT’s Vince Van Patten! Thanks.”

High Stakes

Ellen DeGeneres might be known as a comedian and talk show host, but it is rumoured that she hosts private high stakes poker games at her home. This hasn’t been verified but it would explain the birthday present.

Vince Van Patten is a former professional tennis player who has slid into place as a popular commentator of the WPT. His explanations of what is really happening at the table has helped many an amateur player feel they understand poker.

This is obviously what de Rossi had in mind when choosing the ideal coach. There won’t be any talk of nonsense such as game theory optimal in these sessions, for sure.

Judging by Van Patten’s words on the matter, DeGeneres did better than expected for a novice player. “Tougher than a steak at Denny’s”, he thought.

While still a novice, DeGeneres is known to have played a handful of charity tournaments. As far as her temperament over the felt goes, she is said to have quite a strong temper. Again, this isn’t verified, but information that supposedly comes from people who attended the rumored home games. 

Maybe DeGeneres is another budding Molly, of Molly’s Game fame. That could certainly throw up a few interesting stories!

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