Faraz Jaka – Millionaire Player Without a Permanent Address

6 years ago
Faraz Jaka – Millionaire Player Without a Permanent Address
21 Jan

The majority of poker fans are quite familiar with the name and achievements of Faraz ‘The Toilet’ Jaka. The American-born pro with Pakistani origins has captured numerous titles and cashed in for a significant amount of money. One fact that many are unaware of is that despite his wealth, Jaka chooses to live without a permanent address.

In a short feature video filmed by CNN, Faraz Jaka, the man who has $8 million in tournament earnings, describes himself as – homeless. Jaka explains that at one point he realized that the only way to really experience the places he visits was if he got rid of his home!

Traveling with just two bags all over the world and staying at the strangest places, Faraz really takes the concept of getting to know the world around you to another level. One of the experiences that had a really strong influence on him was a visit to a Buddhist monastery in Thailand where he spent ten days without saying a single word. He describes this period as the best ten days of his life.

Living this style, Faraz gradually learned how to get rid of attachments as well. There were fewer and fewer things in his suitcases as time moved on and he started realizing that chasing short-term goals, like a nicer car or better seats at a game, doesn’t really make you happy. The real happiness, he explains, comes from being aware and having a purpose.

Faraz Jaka played 102 poker tournaments last year alone, visited 47 cities in 13 different countries, and took 52 flights while doing so. For some out there, this may seem like insanity, as it is hard to imagine a life without a place to call your own; a place to which you always return no matter how long you spend on the road.

But there are those, like Jaka, who love to enjoy their freedom and see the entire world as their home. It is not easy to achieve this state of mind, as it is only natural to feel like a stranger when you visit places where there is no one you know and nothing you are attached to in any way.

If one can get rid of that mental block, however, then there is no real reason why you wouldn’t feel as much at home sleeping on someone’s couch as sitting in ‘your own’ living room. It may not be a lifestyle for everybody, but it does make you wonder…

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