Georgii Belianin Disqualified From WSOP Main Event for Stealing Chips

10 months ago
Georgii Belianin Disqualified From WSOP Main Event for Stealing Chips
07 Jul

In a strange turn of events, a player has been disqualified for stealing a player’s entire stack as he scooped in a won pot. Georgii Belianin, from Russia, found himself been escorted to the door by security after less than an hour’s play on entry flight Day 1c.

It was reported that Belianin had won a small pot and when reaching out to claim the chips he put his arm around the player to his left’s stack and collected that too. It was alleged by witnesses that he did this with a smile on his face, maybe insinuating that it was supposed to be a joke. 

As it was, Belianin didn’t get a chance to see anybody laughing because almost straight away World Series of Poker Vice President Jack Effel arrived on the scene. Belianin was then escorted out of the tournament playing area by Effel and then handed over to security.

Effel later spoke to a PokerNews reporter and said

“Here’s the thing, you’re playing the Main Event you can’t touch other player’s chips. The chips that you have in front of you are the ones that belong to you, you shouldn’t be touching chips that don’t belong to you. Plain and simple.” 

The whole situation has a feel about it that not all was well with Belianin who initially sat down at the wrong seat and refused to move. When the dealer insisted he move he said:

“I want to play. Deal.”

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