German Twitch Streamer Receives Excrement in Fan Mail Package

1 year ago
German Twitch Streamer Receives Excrement in Fan Mail Package
30 Sep

Twitch streamer Jens ‘Knossi' Knossalla got more than he bargained for when he opened what he thought was fan mail. The German entertainer is known for his work as a poker commentator and streamer, and thought to be well-liked. With more than 250,000 followers on Twitch he could be forgiven for thinking that himself.

Knossi was live on stream when he decided to open a selection of packages with his fans watching, but soon wished that he hadn’t. Initially struggling to pick open the tightly wrapped package it suddenly broke open releasing a clearly disgusting smell and almost causing him to vomit on the spot. His disgust couldn’t have been any clearer, and he immediately ranted in German at the camera.

Not to be put off, Knossi soon returned to the screen, hopefully after cleaning himself, and opened a few more packages. None of which contained a turd, luckily.

Most of us have received what we consider as crap through the mail, but it’s unlikely many of us have opened a package containing actual crap. Knossi will no doubt spend the next few months with everyone asking him if he’s had a shit day! And the internet being the internet, it’s unlikely his fans will refrain from the jibes reminding him of his little “present”.

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