Get Ready For CashPokerPro ICO

3 years ago
Get Ready For CashPokerPro ICO
07 Oct

The dawning of the cryptocurrency era has offered a new market for poker sites, a highly profitable area for all concerned which many are trying to break into, and the upcoming launch of an ICO for one of the most interesting – CashPokerPro – offers a great opportunity for a ‘case study’ in crypto-poker and its future…

CashPokerPro is backed by a team of experts – something we’ll take a look at in due course – but the first thing to be noted is that they have an extremely attractive and innovative product (already in Beta testing) and are well on course for their ICO which launches on October 26th.

The product

What the ICO will allow people to invest in, is an online crypto-currency poker room which can be used simultaneously across all modern gadgets and apps, Telegram chief among them, with the popular FB Messenger and WhatsApp also covered. They have a highly detailed and specialised approach to the technology in use, but let’s take a look at why crypto-poker rooms are the future…

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The cryptocurrency approach

Bitcoin and blockchain technologies are becoming fundamental building blocks for the next generation internet. Silicon Valley’s best and brightest are working on it.’ So says Naval Ravikant, co-founder of AngelList, commenting on the excellent new book ‘Mastering Bitcoin’ by Andreas M. Antonopoulos. Bitcoin has become synonymous with crypto-currency, although in reality it is just one of many currencies in the market.

As the author himself notes about the technology used:

"This invention at the heart of Bitcoin has ushered a wave of innovation in currencies, financial services, economics, distributed systems, voting systems, corporate governance, and contracts."

So, CashPokerPro using crypto-currency and blockchain technology isn’t something investors and players need be scared of – it’s part and parcel of the modern world, and likely will be for decades to come in the poker world too, and all you need is the information and ability to adapt and it can be used to great effect.

Fair play

As CashPokerPro explain on their excellent website, as it stands just now and as almost all poker players are aware: ‘the owner of an online system can influence the gaming process and its results because they have access to the server and the program code. This causes mistrust on the part of users, and they often say that online poker systems are crooked. A decentralized system and the blockchain technology can solve this problem.’

So, as I wrote previously about crypto-poker rooms, users can be sure that cards are dealt in an honest way – a huge attraction to the masses of online players looking for a fair alternative to the current big players in the industry, and the use of the blockchain technology also extends to the monetary system in use.


As of now, one month before the ICO launch, the CashPokerPro tables are being Beta-tested and one of the most impressive plans for the future is to allow you the user to create your own set of poker tables within the system - basically allowing you to run your own small profitable poker room across the network – and will provide you with all the tools needed to draw in your own player pool.

In essence, it will have all the familiarity of a traditional online poker room, just with a host of added extras.


The point of an ICO, an Initial Coin Offering, is to raise the capital required for start-ups to fund their project – as with our case here, a percentage of the cryptocurrency is sold to early backers of the project in exchange for legal tender or other cryptocurrencies.

This will allow them to progress with plans enable the innovative company to invest in marketing and development of their revolutionary CashPokerPro platform, with plans to attract a huge number of players, including international poker stars.

Returns on investment

All well and good, but how do investors make money from this?

It’s quite simple: you make an initial investment, the early bird investors getting preferential rates and bonuses, and once everything is up and running you’ll generally find that your investment is now worth more, and you can then sell it at a higher price.

Nothing new here, investing in crypto-poker and crypto-currencies works the same as traditional investments.

There are additional ways to make money, of course, and CashPokerPro’s website explains it all, including the important point for poker players looking for a way to invest and cash out: ‘Investors can also use CASH tokens in our online poker room to play with other users and exchange CASH to BTC, ETH or fiat money. All CASH token holders will receive dividends from each pot.’

You will also, as an investor, receive a cut of the rake money (varying from 1-5%) taken from each poker room, although this will be net of operating expenses as you’d expect.


Always a huge concern for the layman when playing with, buying or investing in ‘new technology’ – and it would be glib to say that in the online poker world you can’t do worse than what we’ve seen in the last decade or so. There have been problems with other ICO launches, that’s a matter of record, and why it’s essential that you can trust the company behind the ICO launch and the product itself.

I mentioned in another article that ‘the guys and girls behind the CashPokerPro plans aren’t new to the gaming and gambling world, having successfully developed and implemented a number of projects covering areas such as electronic poker tables, live casino infrastructure, live lottery solutions, casino security and risk management systems.’

Their software is already in use - more than ‘50 poker schools, poker rooms and betting shops use their software’ and the team they have in place for this new venture is a highly-experienced one. The phrase ‘caveat emptor’ (buyer beware) is one that you always have to keep in mind, so knowing the CashPokerPro background and being able to check it – and everyone involved – for yourself, is part of their own website design.

Take a look, google the company and the players, do your research – a professional team, hugely experienced and successful, with no black marks.


The CashPokerPro ICO Launch?

With the planned launch of their ICO on October 26th the easiest way for investors to profit from the project is to buy tokens at a low exchange rate and sell them later at a higher rate – first in as usual getting the best deals.

There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • either by heading to when the crowdsale starts and buying tokens by clicking the BUY TOKENS button (your account funds will be used if there are any)
  • or use a smart contract on the token sale page (no registration needed in this case, but this option works only with Ethereum coins).

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