Houston Cardroom Sues District Attorney for Malicious Prosecution

3 weeks ago
Houston Cardroom Sues District Attorney for Malicious Prosecution
06 May

Texas cardroom's suing the District Attorney who filed felony charges against them last year before dropping the cases when it transpired her own consultant had allegedly scammed them out of $250,000

The Post Oak Poker Club, targeted last year in multiple arrests for allegedly engaging in organized crime and money laundering, has launched civil lawsuits against Harris County DA Kim Ogg.

The court filings allege that Ogg and others are guilty of ‘malicious prosecution, false arrest, defamation and infliction of emotional distress’, according to the Houston Chronicle newspaper.

As we also reported previously, the poker room claimed to have paid $250,000 to Amir Mireskandari -  a man described as ‘a large donor’ to Ogg’s political campaigns and hired by the DA as a ‘financial crimes consultant’.

That payment, it transpired, was unknown to the DA’s office, with Mireskandari’s involvement leading to Ogg dropping the cases against Post Oak, citing “a potential conflict of interest due to [an] employee being called as a witness.”

The cases were passed on to the FBI who have shown no interest in taking any action against the poker clubs.

However, the cardroom's refusing to let the matter lie.

Ogg, Mireskandari and a private investigator named Tim Wilson are all named as defendants in one of the civil suits, which is asking for as yet ‘unspecified damages and attorneys’ fees.’

Houston City Councilman Greg Travis is also named as a defendant, Travis accused of ‘business disparagement, defamation and inflicting emotional distress’.

Although Ogg declined to comment on the legal action, a lawyer for Mireskandari stated:

“The suit is baseless and frivolous and we are confident the suit will be thrown out in short order”.

Councilman Travis described it as “a bullshit lawsuit.”

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