Illegal Casino Busted in Gurgaon Colony, India

4 years ago
Illegal Casino Busted in Gurgaon Colony, India
12 Jan

An illegal casino that had been operating from a house in L block of DLF City, Phase 2, was busted by the Gurgaon police on the Saturday night. The Gurgaon police received an information that an illegal casino was operating in DLF Phase 2 and that the large sums of money are being gambled.

The raid was carried out around 3am after the police received a tipoff. The police team was led by Ramesh Pal, ACP DLF, Dhaarna Yadav, ACP Sadar Gurgaon, and Devender Singh, ACP Crime-II Gurgaon. The police said gambling was on in full swing when the cops entered the premises;

43 people including five Nepalese women and rich and influential men of Gurgaon and the national capital were arrested. DCP East Deepek Saharan told the media that the police found Rs 20.4 lakh in cash (used for games) and large quantities of liquor. The establishment was running like a full-fledged casino, Saharan explained.

According to the available information, Naresh Malhotra rented a house from Rajender Yadav and had been operating a casino across three floors with 29 rooms including the basement where the poker tables were placed. He converted the guest house into a casino with roulette machines, card decks and a casino staff.

The businessmen placed bets in Indian currency. Six people were hedging bets and two men were acting as token dealers. We have confiscated tokens worth one crore from the spot. A total of ten people from Nepal had been hired to work in the casino. The businessmen provided them food and lodging, apart from salary. The ACP(DLF) Ramesh Pal,;

Naresh hired five girls who had five years experience working in a casino as the coordinators and 15 men working as cashiers, bouncers and the front office man. The building was under the watch of CCTV cameras installed in Naresh’s office and more than 100 people daily visited the illegal casino, including numerous rich and influential persons.

Police official said that they had the reception office on the first floor and the casino used to run from the basement of the house where the group of the people was running liquor bar. The adjacent vacant plot was used for parking and the casino used to be open from 10 p.m. till 5 a.m.

Earlier the building was run as guest house but recently it was renovated and the footfall increased. The vacant plot used to get occupied till night and lot of women also visited the building. We had no objection as no one was bothering us and we never heard loud music or had no such nuisance. Vinod Basel, neighbor,;

The cash counting machine was found in the house which leads to the further investigation of possible heavy transactions and the arrested will be booked under the IPC Public Gambling Act and Excise Act.

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