Indian Man Bets Wife On A Cricket Match

2 years ago
Indian Man Bets Wife On A Cricket Match and Loses
31 May

In a shocking and disturbing case of gambling degeneracy, an Indian man named Ravinder Singh reportedly used his wife as a wager to make a losing bet on an Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket match. Singh’s wife, Jasmeet Kaur, only learned about the arrangement after her husband’s creditors began to harass her as they looked to “collect” – something that can only be described as a breathtaking level of audacity. That’s when she contacted the police who got involved and opened up an investigation.

The wager was only the latest in a long line of gambling problems for Singh, who repeatedly lost the couple’s money over the years through various gambling and stock market bets. Kaur told the authorities that she had been dealing with the fallout from Singh’s behavior since the very beginning of their marriage in 2011. “Over the years, he either sold or gambled away all the valuables. He was planning to sell the house when the IPL gambling fiasco happened,” she said, according to the Times of India.

Incredibly, Singh was able to escape from everyone who is searching for him, and is currently on the run from the authorities. If/when they do catch him, I really hope that the first question they ask him will be what could have possibly been going through his head when he decided to do something like this. Hopefully, he will go to prison for a long time, and be able to think about how his life could have gone so off the rails that he would be capable of stooping so low.

While many of us may occasionally get a chuckle out of the old joke, “Take my wife. Please,” the seriousness of gambling away a human being is no laughing matter. For starters, India has had other gambling debt tragedies in its recent past that have shown how situations like this can rapidly spiral out of control for all of the parties directly involved. Murder and violence are not unheard of when someone is unable to “make good” on a bet that they place with underground and/or criminal elements.

Of course, the real victim here is Kaur, who has had her life upended, and her sense of security completely destroyed. It’s extremely fortunate that the thugs who came to collect on the debt didn’t resort to some kind of physical violence against her. Through no fault of her own, this innocent woman has found herself in the crosshairs of an unscrupulous group of people who are clearly unpredictable and untrustworthy. Seeing as how Kaur already has to deal with a deadbeat husband, let’s hope that she is not going to have any more trouble come her way as a result of this bet.

It would be great if we could believe that this crime is so shocking that it would be a unique or isolated incident. But unfortunately, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen it, and as long as the world has people without any scruples whatsoever in it, it probably won’t be the last, either.

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