Jake Cody Poker Vlogger?

2 years ago
Jake Cody as Poker Vlogger
21 Dec

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J ake Cody, according to a recent vlog post started his poker career with $10 in a Party Poker account. A few years later in 2010 he came to fame with a first place finish in the EPT Deauville. Now, according to the Hendon mob, he is one of the top ten biggest tournament winners of all time in England with $4.2 million in tournament cashes and who knows how more from cash games. He’s also clearly someone whose passion for the game hasn’t faded in the slightest despite ten years of hard grinding and a lot of that enthusiasm comes across in his vlog on YouTube: Jake Cody Poker Player.

He seems to have borrowed his main format from Andrew Neeme, a lot of driving and walking while talking into the camera, a montage or two, and then the main body of the video with a string of hands, over which he talks, giving us an insight into his thought processes.

His videos do suffer from some pacing issues, there is a lot of shoe leather that could be cut – frequently there is a good minute or two of visual waffle at the start that you can just skip, before we get to the talking. And even the parts where he talks to the camera rarely feel necessary.

But the poker sections more than make up for that, providing plenty of interesting and detailed hand analysis in a personable and likeable way.

As a vlog it doesn’t feel like it’s found its groove yet, experimenting with formats and topics with varying success, but his handling of editing and music suggest potential.

So I think this will be a one to watch.

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