Jake Cody: You Don't Know Me

5 months ago
Cody: You Don't Know Me
17 Feb

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After admitting to suffering from bouts of depression in a previous vlog that had his fans and followers quite concerned, it was good to see Jake Cody release a new video that was a bit more positive and upbeat.

The PokerStars Team Pro received tons of support after laying it on the line in his "Half the World Away" video, to which he expressed much gratitude to commenters. Indeed, talking about what ails you, perhaps even in a vlog, has got to be better than keeping your troubles to yourself.

Way Out

To a musical backdrop of Could Ever's "Way Out," Jake takes us along on his trip to the Bahamas for the 2017 PokerStars Championship. He starts the vlog by telling viewers that he's not really OK and doesn't quite have his sh*t together, but he does think that everything will be OK.

On the poker side of things, during the Main Event, the first hand recapped by Cody was definitely not OK when a loose opponent got lucky and connected with two pair on the river, cracking the pocket aces of the 28-year-old Brit.

Day 2 Bust

A battle against Eugene Katchalov didn't turn out any better for Cody when the Ukrainian pro caught top pair on the turn. Jake bagged almost 20,000 in chips for the start of Day 2, but his mid-level pocket pair ran into big slick, resulting in a lost coin flip and elimination from the tournament.

The $5,000 Main Event was eventually won by Christian Harder, who took down the top prize of $429,664. Cody called the entire trip "a great life experience, but not a great bankroll experience."

You Don't Know Me

It's interesting that Cody titled this particular blog "You Don't Know Me." That phrase or those words are part of the lyrics to the song chosen by Jake for this vlog. At the risk of over-analyzing, and considering that Cody admitted to "not really" feeling OK at the start of this video, one could speculate that he perhaps still feels alone in fighting depression or whatever demons are inside.

We sincerely hope that Cody finds the answers or help to feel OK again. Reach out to others because help is there, man!

Cody concludes the vlog by giving "a huge thank you for all the support and all the messages" with regard to his previous vlog. But not before announcing that he reached the 10,000 subscriber plateau and that there will be a competition in his next video that will award a piece of his action in the PokerStars Championship Panama Main Event.

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