James 'Abz' Ablott Becomes PokerTube's Instagram Ambassador

2 months ago
'Abz' Ablott Becomes PokerTube's Instagram Ambassador
19 Mar

PokerTube is pleased to announce that James 'Abz' Ablott has signed on to fill the role of Instagram Ambassador and will be heavily involved with posting stories, vlogs, photos, and assorted videos on a daily basis.

Abz is a 28-year-old professional poker player from Notts and a regular at Dusk til Dawn in Nottingham. He has career cashes of more than $30,000 in live tournament action, including a recent 5th place finish in the DTD200 for £5,250.

Derby Born and Raised

Originally from Derby, Ablott is, of course, a huge Derby County fan. A knee injury spelled the end of his footballer days, but Abz' competitive spirit remains and he has channeled his passion toward the game of poker.

Ablott has been playing poker for the last decade or so, taking the game much more seriously the past five years. He lives with a fellow poker pro in Notts, but hasn't forgotten his roots in Derby, visiting his family there whenever he needs a break from poker.

Aside from poker and football, Abz enjoys delicious food, taking naps, billiards, and video games. When not competing at DTD or getting involved with his other hobbies, Ablott can often be found playing either cash games or MTTs online.

Short Q & A

I had an opportunity to ask James a few questions and here are his answers:

PT: How did you get started or who introduced you to the game of poker?

Abz: I started playing with mates in home games. Nothing is more enjoyable than having a few beers on the weekend and taking your mates' money.

PT: Do you prefer live or online play? Cash games or tourneys?

Abz: I definitely prefer live action. I'm a pretty sociable person and there's nothing like having a laugh with a few of the new guys, helping them settle into the game, and the regular banter with regs who I have made really good friends with.

I love both cash games and tournaments. I just love poker in general. The thrill of a winning a big pot in a cash game by outplaying someone, or making the nuts, and the buzz of a deep run in a tournament. There is nothing quite like the pressure of a final table and how each place can equal a massive pay jump.

PT: Any poker pros that you admire or follow closely?

Abz: A lot of my friends are pros and I like to see them do well and always enjoy following their progress. I did always like Daniel Negreanu when I was younger. He seemed so fun to be around and a laugh at the table, kinda reminds me of myself.

PT: What can PokerTube followers expect to see in the way of content at Instagram now that you will be running the page?

Abz: Followers can expect to see lots of banter and obviously lots of poker-related fun and adventures. I've just moved into a new house so hopefully you'll get to see some of the progress of turning it into a gadget-filled poker house.

PT: I'd like to take a break from the questions to extend a warm welcome to you as PokerTube's new Instagram Ambassador. I'm sure I speak for many when I say that we're all very excited to see the direction the social media platform will take under your charge.

Abz: Thank you. I am also equally excited to be teaming up with PokerTube and sharing all kinds of info and content related to poker on Instagram.

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