JRB Loses His Mind In $650K Pot

10 months ago
JRB Loses His Mind In $650K Pot
12 Aug

American night club owner and high-stakes poker player Jean Robert Bellande has been recorded losing the plot during a hand in the Triton Cash Game Jeju. To top it all off, he ended up donating the rest of his stack soon after but he wasn’t really at fault for that.

The first hand started with Yu Liang opening with AK and getting two callers. Bellande decides to squeeze with 53 , which isn’t unreasonable given the serious need to be unpredictable against players at this level.

Yu then four-bets his premium hand and within seconds Bellande jams what is around $300,000 effective into the middle. Yu quickly calls.

For such an insane five-bet, this matchup is still a 60/40 giving Bellande reasonable hope. The board is actually dealt out before the cards are turned over in this game leaving the other players with a little tension as they wait. 

The board comes 105A68 .

Bellande quietly said “Mr Liang very small pair” before being gestured at to turn over both of his cards after initially only flipping the five - maybe through embarrassment?. Yu flips his winning hand and scoops the chips with surprisingly little reaction from the rest of the table. Particularly from Andrew Robl who is backing Bellande in this game! Later, Robl starts to exclaim and is clearly not a happy bunny.

Not long after, Bellande is squeezing pocket rockets and is cold called by Yu Liang with nines. Everyone else folds.

The flop comes 229 . Yu checks and Bellande bets. Yu calls.

The turn is the 5 giving Bellande a flush draw. Yu checks and Bellande bets again. Yu decides to just call.

The river is the 5 . Yu checks and Bellande jams the rest of his chips in. Yu flips his boat and gives Bellande the bad news.

He has now lost $650,000 in literally minutes.

What will Robl be thinking?

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