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2 years ago
Kevin Martin The Vlogger
23 Dec


Vlogging is the ‘next big thing’ in poker and Montreal-based PokerStars pro Kevin Martin has just upped the stakes in the vlogger community by leaving his TwitchTV‘GrindHouse’ to capture all the real-life action for his YouTube channel (but don't worry he will still be streaming on twitch alongside vlogging) – giving fans of the game the chance to see how an ‘online grinder’ pro does at the live tables.

Martin has attracted 17000+ followers for his YouTube exploits, but leaving behind the comfort of a warm apartment shared with fellow TwitchTV pros Jamie Staples and younger brother Matty Staples comes at a price… it’s snowing outside!

Martin’s decision to pursue vlogging is one that many poker grinders have turned to, with the highly-polarizing but still incredibly popular Trooper97, rising star Jake Cody and Jamie Staples himself all finding their unique ways to present the lives of poker players.

The vloggers speak to the camera as they go about their card-playing business, often showing their holecards as they play - which makes it so much more interesting for viewers than the traditional ‘I played this hand’ review.

“Clickbait titles, catchy thumbnails, and shareable content are necessary if this is something you want to do as a job”, explained Connor Manning, a full-time vlogger, and the half-dozen or so top poker vloggers are learning the ropes as they go along – numerous articles and poker forum threads now dedicated to their pursuits.

How much money there is in it long-term remains to be seen, but according to YouTube bosses it’s a great way to finance your love of a game or way of life and in Martin’s vlog we see not only a ‘poker game live’ – but join him as he goes shopping for a new laptop for his poker-ventures, and it’s an often amusing 12 minutes to follow as he plays his first cash game in a while.

The great thing about the vlog is that not only can you watch the action but tech-savvy vloggers like Martin can embed the hands and the action into the video!

See for yourself how Martin’s first hand of live cash vlogging went. I’ll give you a heads-up: he was dealt A♥ 7♥, had 5 callers and saw the flop fall 6♥ 6♦ 4♥.

The rest, as they say, is up to you, but personally-speaking I’m loving the new world of poker vlogging!

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