Kristen Bicknell Speaks About Her Experience with Misogyny in Poker

2 months ago
Kristen Bicknell Speaks About Her Experience with Misogyny in Poker
27 Apr

Kristen Bicknell has spoken about misogyny in the poker world, claiming that her experiences have been more positive than negative. In a series of tweets the Canadian tournament star acknowledged that sexism does exist within poker but it shouldn’t reflect badly on the entire community.

The fallout from Vanessa Kade’s comments criticising GGPoker’s decision to sign Dan Bilzerian has prompted discussion on whether more should be done to make women feel welcome at the poker table.

For a long time it has been assumed that while misogyny might exist at a small level it wasn’t enough to be a real problem.

“I could walk into the poker room and focus on the negative. It exists. I have encountered negativity and gender bias MANY times. But, the truth is, there has been vastly more positive than negative!”
Bicknell points out that men are also treated rudely and under-estimated; it’s not just women who deal with this in poker.

She goes on to write about how other female superstars of the game such as Jennifer Harman and Vanessa Selbst moved and influenced her as she herself started to rise up the ranks. This no doubt gave her the confidence needed to improve her game until she was one of the very best around—male or female.

The real message from this Twitter thread is really all about sitting down at the table empowered and fierce. Focussing on the negatives is only going to detract from putting in the best performance possible.

Bicknell tells her fellow female players:

“Don't sit down at the poker table as a victim. Sit down like a warrior.”
Another tournament superstar, Justin Bonomo, was quick to praise Bicknell for posting her thoughts.

“Thanks for your post @krissyb24poker You are absolutely a strong woman and a great poker player, worthy of admiration I just hope people understand there isn't a "one size fits all" kind of approach to these situations”

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