Mark Newhouse Arrested Amid California Protests

1 month ago
Mark Newhouse Arrested Amid California Protests
03 Jun

Well-known pro Mark Newhouse, famed for his back-to-back appearances at World Series of Poker “November Nine” final tables, was among dozens of protestors arrested on Monday night while participating in what he described as a peaceful assembly against the death of George Floyd and continuing police violence:

Newhouse was arrested on the second of two successive nights he had spent with hundreds of fellow protestors, all of whom continue to call attention to the violent killing of a handcuffed Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer last week.

Police across the US have responded with force en masse against protesters, despite their lawful assembly and mostly peaceful nature. American police have also been cited in over 100 incidents of targeting journalists with rubber bullets, flash canisters and other projectiles.

Newhouse himself has documented his experiences on Facebook, and that in turn led him to be featured in a Deadspin story on the protests written by well-known gambling writer Chris Baud. Baud’s feature precluded Newhouse’s Monday arrest, however.

Regarding Monday’s arrest, Newhouse described his experience:

“I got arrested tonight for being a part of a peaceful assembly. Literally no one in the group I was near did anything remotely aggressive or violent. We were relentlessly pursued, harassed, and detained by police. Spent a couple hours zip-tied up in a bus waiting on the group ahead of us to be processed. Then got dropped off at great mall in Milpitas 10 min outside of San Jose.”

Newhouse was fortunate to be in the same group of arrestees as California state assembly candidate Alex Lee, who vowed to pay for all of the group’s legal fees. Newhouse was freed after a few hours in custody, but promised to continue his protests.

Newhouse’s back-to-back WSOP Main Event final tables in the deep-field era stand  as one of poker’s most unique achievements. His largest cash and tournament win came in 2006, when he earned over $1.5 million for taking down the WPT Borgata Poker Open.

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