Michael Jordan’s 1992 Olympics Poker Game

3 weeks ago
Michael Jordan’s 1992 Olympics Poker Game
17 Jun

Charles Barkley has revealed that basketball superstar Michael Jordan regularly beat his teammates at poker during the 1992 Olympics. Jordan is regarded as the greatest basketball player of all-time and is also a candidate of most famous sportsman in history alongside Muhammad Ali.

Too Much Money

Charles Barkley is a fellow all-time great with Jordan but it turns out he and his teammates couldn’t match Jordan’s spending power.

Barkley told SportsCenter:

"Every night — not one night, not two nights, not ten nights — me, Magic, Scottie, and Jordan played cards every single night. Michael tried to buy the pot every single night. It was really awesome."

Magic Johnson was another superstar in that team who was making insane money, even compared to the other top guys.

Barkley continued:

"Me and Scottie don't have as much money as Michael and Magic but we knew that no matter what the cards were, at the end of the night like three or four times a night Michael was always going to try to buy the pot."

Jordan’s legendary will to win and competitive spirit also shines through in his poker playing. He’s one of those characters that just can’t face losing at anything he does.

We’ve all come across players at the table who have to win every pot and, to be fair, they’re some of the best opponents you can have at your table. 

Nobody seems to know how good Jordan is at playing cards but we’d all love to see him at the World Series of Poker when it finally starts. Could the legend cut it against some real poker pros?

"You have to have 100% confidence in your hand if you're going to go all-in against Michael, because he's going to be doubling down, doubling down. If you have a good hand, you have to go all-in. You gotta do it."

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