Mike Postle Tried to Enlist Two Other People to Help Him Cheat Claims Veronica Brill

1 year ago
Mike Postle Tried to Enlist Two Other People to Help Him Cheat Claims Veronica Brill
30 Oct

Postlegate whistleblower Veronica Brill this week claimed that alleged poker cheat Mike Postle tried to enlist two separate people to help him cheat before the Stones Live Poker scandal.

Brill followed up by stating “The Rio Amazon room is an incredible place”, the main venue for the ongoing World Series of Poker apparently a hotbed of gossip, knowledge, and intrigue.

When quizzed as to why the players who were approached – who haven’t been named – didn’t call Postle out, Brill replied:

“I don't think they were related. I think it was about other cheating stuff. They just declined.” Brill added: “Honestly I can see why people don't come forward because the doj [Department of Justice] is incompetent and won't do anything about it anyway.”

Our extensive coverage of the Postlegate drama can be found below, but here is the tl;dr for anyone who has somehow missed out on the story;

Back to this week’s news that alleges Postle had previously tried to enlist help for his cheating plans, and that ties in with what his ex-wife, Sabina Johnson, claimed in an interview with Brill.

As well as somewhat vague accusations of online cheating, Johnson alleged serial scamming of hotels and casinos, as well as domestic abuse for which Postle was jailed.

Meanwhile, Brill was still in whistleblowing mood as she once again put Justin Kuraitis in the frame as one of Postle’s alleged helpers.

After the initial lawsuit against Postle, Stones, and Kuraitis was settled, Kuraitis launched a virulent public attack on his accusers, calling them ‘social media mobs and internet bullies.’

Kuraitis has since gone quiet, but perhaps Brill’s latest tweets will see him re-emerge to deny the accusations once again, or perhaps reveal further information.

If you have missed out on any of the drama surrounding Postle you can catch up below!

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