Navy Officer Steals $2.7 Million for High Stakes Poker Bankroll

6 months ago
Navy Officer Steals $2.7 Million for High Stakes Poker Bankroll
18 Jan

45 year old United States Navy Officer Randolph Prince was sentenced to four years in prison for stealing from American taxpayers to finance a high stakes poker bankroll.

Lt. Randolph Prince has been in the United States Navy for 27 years. During this time, he rose from the lowest ranks to the grade of Lieutenant by serving in dangerous war zones as part of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Training and Evaluation Unit. Today, however, he is known as a liar, a thief and, worse of all, a bad poker player.

According to court documents, Prince and his co-conspirators, Lt.j.g. Courtney Cloman and Clayton Pressley III, would steer government contracts to three sham companies they each ran. The Treasury thought they were sending money to buy inert training aids and fake bombs, but they were actually bankrolling Prince and co. as they played in high stakes poker games and bought luxury cars.

They were eventually found out because criminal mastermind Prince messed up his 2014 tax returns, revealing his wire fraud and false statements.

His crimes revealed, Prince puffed his chest, stood firm and bravely tried to pin it all on his co-conspirator, Pressley. Assistant U.S. Attorney David Layne didn’t buy it, however, noting that, while evidence suggests Pressley ran one of the sham companies involved, someone had to run the other two.

The high stakes pros thought they were going against rich whales, but turns out they were getting tax returns.

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