Negreanu in ‘Creepy and Mysoginistic’ Tweet Row

2 years ago
Negreanu in ‘Creepy and Mysoginistic’ Tweet Row
15 Apr

Daniel Negreanu has come under fire yet again after unleashing a volley of tweets in his ongoing battle with the Chip Race podcast hosts David Lappin and Dara O’Kearney – Lappin’s partner lambasting the PokerStars legend for ‘creepy and mysoginistic’ behaviour

The Twitter spat between Negreanu and the Irish duo seems to have no end in sight, a January falling out over tweets and blogs spilling over into the recent Global Poker awards.

Lappin and O’Kearney’s Chip Race was named Podcast of the Year at the PokerStars sponsored event, but Negreanu was unimpressed as we reported last week.

What followed was a foul-mouthed rant from Negreanu as the opposing sides argued after Negreanu’s alluded to possible irregularities in the voting system for the GP awards.

That issue was also a major factor in today’s Twitter exchanges, the Canadian Red Spade site ambassador denying he said anything of the sort, while anyone who listened to the DAT podcast knows fine well that he did…

Thrown into the mix of ‘banging’ girlfriends and possible ‘voterigging’ was a new strand in the endless Twitter fight, with well-known pro Jonathan Little dragged into it – and instantly making his own views known…

…Lappin replying quickly and sending poker fans scurrying off to find out what Little allegedly did to deserve a previous Chip Race mention…

The last word of epic spat has to go to Lappin’s girlfriend, however, although perhaps it’s the older generation who need to beware…

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