NoteCaddy Reacts to HUD Restrictions

5 years ago
NoteCaddy's Reacts to HUD Restrictions
20 Oct

The recent changes to 3rd-party software by many of the world’s leading poker sites has prompted some of the most prominent software developers to modify their products – NoteCaddy EDGE being the most recent example.

The add-on to one of the industry giants, Hold’em Manager 2 and the main NoteCaddy Premium package, has released details of how users can work-around the recent restrictions, and have also revealed that a new HUD (heads-up display) may appear in the near future.

The announcements in recent weeks that HUD’s, seating scripts and other features which figure prominently in the software produced by the likes of HM2, Pokertracker and Jivaro would be severely restricted, or even banned completely, on sites such as PokerStars, PartyPoker and the MPN network have led developers to find ways to meet the sites’ ToS regarding 3rd party software.

A recent article on stated that although,

Some of the features no longer available for live play on PokerStars and Full Tilt include badges, spark graphs, heat maps, scatter graphs, note definitions that have a board texture, and note definitions that are defined by range,”

They also point out that all of the Notecaddy EDGE products will work just the same as previously on sites such as 888 Poker, any skin on the iPoker Network, any skin on the OnGame Network, and Winamax.

In addition, when it comes to the big sites who recently limited much of the information described above, they explained

Most of the useful information will still work there. However, certain features had to be disabled in order to remain compliant with the new rules these sites have established.”

The big names in the poker industry have introduced the tightening of restrictions on such software because they claim it is keeping the new and weaker players away from online poker, with regular players (regs) quickly pouncing on them – using seating scripts to find and track the less-experienced players, and HUD’s to exploit their weaknesses.

Certain HUD developers have recently been attempting to forge closer ties with the big sites, the most notable being Jivaro – whose HUD doesn’t rely so much on the mass of information which others offer – and who this week revealed an unofficial reciprocal arrangement with the PokerStarsOnline training site.

NoteCaddy EDGE users don’t "need to do anything to disable the features that are restricted on Stars/FTP, as HM2 and NoteCaddy will automatically do this for them if they update past HM2 Version .8379,” according to Jason Glatzer of, who also revealed,

We were also informed by NoteCaddy Edge that they plan to release a new HUD in the coming weeks, with more details to come soon.”

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