Online Roulette Player Loses £127,000 In Just 10 Spins

8 months ago
Online Roulette Player Loses £127,000 In Just 10 Spins
15 Sep

A teacher from the United Kingdom has revealed how he lost £127,000 in only 26 minutes playing online roulette - in only 10 spins of the wheel. Alex, 35, took part in the ITV documentary Ross Kemp's Living With to tell all about the harsh realities of gambling addiction.

As poker players we are used to being exposed to the temptation to bet with more than what we can afford, but thankfully the majority are capable of passing up the opportunity. Sadly for Alex, he has seen his life destroyed because of this destructive compulsion.

Ross Kemp has made a name for himself as a serious investigative journalist since leaving the world of soap operas and quitting his role as the much maligned Grant Mitchell. This episode of his new documentary series is a real eye opener. Alex has lost more than one job, friends and other relationships because of his addiction. He doesn't even see his daughter anymore. It’s not just roulette either. Betting on football is his real Achilles heel.

"I can't begin to explain the feeling of a Saturday in the football season.It will be a Saturday afternoon in January, a league one or two football match, or something like that..."

To fix his life Alex has now taken to living completely off the grid. Internet is a big no no with the ease of placing bets these days. 

"Online just has a completely different impact to it, its phones, its laptops, smart tellies, it's just crazy it just so scary."

So far things look to be on the up, and one important point to note is that Alex can admit to himself that he will always be a gambling addict for the rest of his life. This is truly the first step on the road to recovery.

"I can never bet again. I would class myself as an addict if I was clean thirty years down the line - still class myself as an addict."

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