Paul Pierce Raking it in from Crypto after Losing ESPN Job

1 month ago
Paul Pierce Raking it in from Crypto after Losing ESPN Job
04 Jul

Paul Pierce has fired back at ESPN after losing his job in April, telling them he’s rolling in it from crypto investments. The basketball legend was booted out of his analyst role back in April after posting a video of him playing poker with a bunch of strippers while smoking weed.

Bigging Up Virtue Poker

We don’t know yet if this tweet out of the blue was down to Pierce’s affiliation with crypto poker site Virtue Poker. The blockchain platform, which went live in May, is based around the Ethereum alt coin and has all-time great Phil Ivey as a shareholder.

Pierce could be using his connection with ESPN—the world’s largest sports network—to boost another of his investments by shouting from the rooftops when all of ESPN’s followers can see.

For now, we need to wait and see if Paul Pierce will be one of the driving forces behind the most exciting crypto poker site yet.

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