Phil Ivey Appealing Court Decision in the Crockfords Case

5 years ago
Phil Ivey Appealing Court Decision in the Crockfords Case
05 Nov

After the court ruled against Phil Ivey in his case against the Crockfords Casino, the poker public has been waiting for Ivey’s legal team next action. It wasn’t likely that Ivey would just rollover and let this thing go, considering he had several million reasons not to.

David Payne Purdum, ESPN writer, hinted yesterday that Ivey was going to appeal the decision, without divulging further on where he had acquired this information.

What started as a rumor was soon confirmed when Ivey’s attorney Matthew Dowd came out with the statement that Ivey would, indeed, return to the Court of Appeal in London to appeal what they deem unjust decision.


I can confirm that Phil Ivey filed papers at the Court of Appeal last week. Phil is seeking to appeal the decision on the basis that the Judge was incorrect in both fact and law to conclude that “edge sorting” was cheating...

Ivey was stating from the get-go that he did not consider the ‘edge-sorting’ technique to be cheating and even after the decision was made, although the highroller did not seem particularly upset, he still maintained that what has transpired cannot be interpreted as cheating.

It seems that the main point of the appeal will relay on the fact that Ivey did not believe that what he was doing was wrong in any way, and this is something that even Justice Mitting acknowledged during the verdict reading, saying that he sees Ivey as ‘truthful witness’ and acknowledging the fact that there was no real intention to cheat in his actions.

Considering all this, Ivey, assisted by the top-notch team of lawyers will certainly have a leg to stand on. The outcome will, however, heavily depend on numerous things that may even not pertain to the law itself as much, as the entire situation is a ‘grey area’ of a sort.

The Ivey-saga continues!

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