Phua’s Tips From the Top

3 years ago
Phua’s Tips From the Top
20 Apr


If we could have the world’s best pros sitting on our shoulder handing out tips and advice, there’s little doubt our game would improve immensely, and that’s exactly what Paul Phua has planned for us with the first in his ‘Tips from the Pros’ videos, featuring Phil Ivey, Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates and Daniel Colman!

Phua has been a poker fanatic his entire life and his slick new website, Paul Phua Poker (you can subscribe to their channel for more videos here), is a goldmine of information for the beginner to intermediate level player (which is most of us to be honest!) and pulling in the biggest of the big names during the Triton Super High Roller Series in Manila. to teach us is a major coup for the multi-billionaire businessman, who by the way is no mean player himself at the table.

Phil Ivey

First up we have Phil Ivey, one of the best-known and most-successful players of all time – and a regular in the Macau nosebleed games which Phua frequents and runs.

Ivey’s fearless approach at the table and insane ability to avoid bad spots has brought him hero status and tens of millions of dollars, but here we see him advising the less-experienced player, and his 1,2,3 is well-worthy of note.

  1. Take notes from the hands you play – try to remember what you were thinking about during the hand.
  2. Manage your money - you don’t want to be in situations where you end up losing more than you can afford to lose.
  3. Try not to play when you’re tired. “I think that’s super important,” says Phil, and he should know given that he’s one of the most jet-setting pros in the world!

Daniel Cates

Next up in the short introductory video is Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates, a fierce contender for GOAT in the high-stakes games, having ripped Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan a new one in his highly-publicised ‘Durrrr Challenge’ some years ago.

Cates remembers his own beginnings in the game and has some excellent advice – and not just the usual ABC we get from many pros.

  1. Play tighter than you think you are
  2. Try to win pots when you and your opponent have nothing
  3. Think of an overall plan to the game rather than an ‘at that very moment’ approach. “Basically focus on the bigger picture rather than each individual hand,” says Cates, and you know it makes sense when a man of Cates’ calibre says it is important.

Daniel Colman

Phua also pinned down the ‘$15million’ man Dan Colman to pick his brains as to how beginners can improve and step up a level. Colman’s huge win in 2014 cemented his status as one of the most exciting and feared players of the new generation in poker. Colman also remembers how his own improvement came about in the early days, telling Phua…

  1. Try to remove yourself from the result. “Whether you won the hand or lost, be very critical of it,” says Colman, and Phua agrees, recalling how he “always ate and slept poker” in his early days.
  2. Get out of your comfort zone. “Play in difficult games, play a spot you would normally pass up,” advises Colman, exhorting players to follow tip number 3…  
  3. Always challenge yourself!

As a part one, it’s an excellent little reminder from the very best that we can always find new and different ways to improve our game and results – and kudos to Paul Phua Poker for adding this series to an already interesting site – one well worth subscribing to (and it’s free!) if this latest video is anything to go by. Bring on part 2!

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JamiePTJamiePTon 20/4/17

Pretty cool to see the legends condense their poker tips into such a short video. Stuff like this is really gold!👍🚀💯