PKR Pro 'BabyTes' Takes Advantage of "Ditzy Blonde" Perception

5 years ago
PKR Pro 'BabyTes' Takes Advantage of
01 Oct

Using whatever advantages available while seated at a poker table is all part of the game.

For women, that may include using any way possible to get an edge over men, particularly the men who continue to erroneously believe that the fairer sex cannot compete on the felt. PKR Pro Patty 'BabyTes' Beaumier admits to using the fragile male ego to her advantage while competing in live tournament action.

"I like to play the ditzy blonde, because men think, like any woman, I am not able to play anything but the nuts," Babytes recently told "I cannot count the number of times a player said 'I played the hand that way because you're a woman.' They just do not necessarily realise, but they change the way they play, and often, they don't play as well as usual. This is an edge to be used."

Beaumier has passed the one-year mark as a PKR Pro, a sponsorship deal she grabbed after impressing site representatives with her poker skills while competing at online tables that offer lower stakes. Her transition to the live arena includes two cashes, the most recent a final table finish some six months ago in Belgium in €750 No Limit Hold'em at the WPT National Brussels that was good for € 6,790.

While BabyTes continues working on making progress in her live game, she admits that poker is more of a hobby. Her life may take on a new direction after graduating next month.

"My professional life as I see it is in journalism," Beaumier said. "I want to find an interesting job, preferably in writing news and with a quite accommodating boss, who will give me a few days off to play big tournaments!"

Sounds as though the poker media will have a new writer shortly, a 25-year-old with experience playing both live and online, as well as representing a top poker site.

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