Poker Pros Raskin and Fazeli Face Prison Over Drug and Fraud Charges

1 year ago
Poker Pros Raskin and Fazeli Face Prison Over Drug and Fraud Charges
05 Feb

Two familiar faces at tournament poker tables will likely be missing in short order as Micah Raskin and Ali Fazeli are both facing serious time behind bars in separate criminal cases.

Raskin has pleaded guilty to one single count of conspiring to distribute marijuana after a raid by law enforcement at his home in New York and a storage locker resulted in the confiscation of several hundred pounds of the leafy substance. The 50-year-old was apparently a major supplier to pot smokers in several states on the East Coast, according to the Baltimore Sun.

A poker career spanning longer than a decade has seen Raskin tally cashes of almost $2 million. His day of sentencing is set for June, with the judge likely to deal out a five-year mandatory minimum sentence

Ticket Scam

The day of reckoning has already arrived for Ali Fazeli, who was sentenced to 18 months in the slammer for masterminding a ticket scam that involved a couple of Poker Hall of Famers. Erik Seidel and John Juanda were apparently on the losing end of Fazeli's scheme after forking over large sums of money in an alleged investment opportunity pertaining to reselling tickets to sporting events.

Fazeli pleaded guilty to wire fraud and admitted bilking investors out of more than $6 million. The 49-year-old apparently used some of the ill-gotten funds to stake himself in ARIA High Rollers - where he showed considerable prowess.

In 2016, Fazeli cashed for roughly $1.8 million in 10 ARIA High Rollers, with most of the buy-ins at $25K, per the Hendon Mob. Prior to his string of scores at the ARIA, Ali played in tournaments with buy-ins in the hundreds of dollars instead of thousands.

Along with the 18-month sentence, Fazeli was ordered to pay restitution to the tune of $7.5 million. He is apparently also facing civil suits filed by his victims.

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