PokerStars Launches New All-In Cash Out Gimmick

11 months ago
PokerStars Launches New All-In Cash Out Gimmick
02 Aug

PokerStars has wheeled out their latest gimmick on the .net platform - the all-in cash out option. The new feature allows players to immediately receive a share of the pot equal to their equity during any all-in confrontation.

Too Good to Be True

All-in cash out will be available on all No Limit, Six-Plus Hold’em and PLO. At first sight it appears to be too good to be true. An option to remove the vast majority of our variance at our fingertips is every poker player’s dream, but of course, there is a catch.

Each time a player utilises the cash out feature a 1% admin fee will be applied on the equity amount. Maybe they listened to the whole “more rake is better” discussion. In other words, this is nothing more than a stealth tax that preys upon players who don’t know any better.

This system works even if other players in the hand refuse to partake. In this situation, if the winning hand belongs to a player who cashed out then the proceeds will be collected by the house. Also, all-in cash out and run it twice will not be available at the same table.


In recent years, the poker community has been bombarded with messages informing us that times have changed and we must begin to protect recreational players. Changes have been made with the intention of preventing predatory behaviour, and yet here we are witnessing PokerStars introducing a way to scoop a little extra out of player’s pockets.

The saddest part is that it is only recreational players who will fall for this ruse. Anybody who has the remotest idea about where the money comes from in poker, will stay the hell away from this “optional rake”.

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