Private Club Site Fox Poker Goes Bust After Owner Degens Away $1.5million in Fake Deposits

3 weeks ago
Private Club Site Fox Poker Goes Bust After Owner Degens Away $1.5million in Fake Deposits
05 Sep

Private online poker club site, Fox Poker, has folded after the main owner, Andy Troumbly, “hacked” the site to add $1.5million worth of chips, which he then claims to have lost playing cash games.

Reports that the site, which has been running since 2015, was having trouble cashing players out filtered in throughout the past week, with another of the site’s admins blowing the whistle on Troumbly’s activities.

That Fox Poker Facebook post was quickly deleted, but Dan Druff, aka Todd Witteles, of PokerFraudAlert, managed to save the post, believed to be from Alex Shelow.

It begins:

“Fox has been shut down effective immediately. Andy [Troumbly] has deactivated his personal fb account and shut down the site. Approximately 6 months ago Andy started playing on alias accounts... he was loading the accounts in a manner that the other admins were unable to see that chips were being added to the site.”

When the other admins started digging into why withdrawals had slowed down and discovered Troumbly’s actions, the post claims they “had to make a tough decision of what to do”.

“In an effort to ensure as much money ended up paying out we kept the site going rather than blow the whistle and shut the site down then and there. We had hopes that we could turn the site profitable enough to begin to cover the 1.5mm shortfall. I personally sent out over $150,000 in hopes of getting things back on track. The last few weeks things slowed down even more and everyone could tell that the end was near. The site had to be shut down to prevent further damage to players.”

Troumbly’s rambling statement in the tweet above notwithstanding, the admin post states:

“Andy was simply given too much power/responsibility... He was the only one with server access. He did the accounting for the site and things just got out of hand."

For those players with money still on the site, the news is not good.

The now-deleted post reads:

“There is a page asking for a BTC address to receive withdrawals, but right now we have no expectation of recovering money. If we do, they will be dispersed to players in a transparent and fair manner.”

At least one player on FoxPoker has taken to the 2plus2 forum to explain his position:

Nvragain posted:

“I started playing at Fox poker in late March, 2021 mostly because of one player, named DIAMONDHANDZ [one of Troumbly’s usernames], who played both PLO and NLHE extremely bad, and my Russian fellows, mostly NLHE players (I play PLO), advised me to join the action. In the beginning of August, I felt extremely tired of being fed bullshit from Andy for 4 months about the problems that caused paying only ~300$ per month instead of ~17k$\per month limit. I have ~125k$ left on the balance. A group of fellow Russian players have around 160k$ in total left on their Fox poker accounts.”

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GonorrheaGonorrhea1 week ago

saw many players already being paid back in the groups I'm in. why no update here?