Shane Warne Suffers One of the Worst Bad Beats Ever

2 years ago
Shane Warne Suffers One of the Worst Bad Beats
19 Jul

Having never played the Main Event at the World Series of Poker before, I imagine busting out of it is always a difficult experience, particularly if you are one of the players with the spotlight thrust upon you. Someone for example, like cricketing great Shane Warne, who unfortunately busted out of the Main Event this year after suffering two successive beats that eroded his stack and saw his $10,000 buy-in go up the swanny. He had pocket Aces on both occasions. Naturally, he was not too pleased and where better to vent that frustration? You guessed it! Twitter!

Yes, Shane can afford it. Yes, his cricket career saw him exit the sport financially secure enough to live the rest of his life without any money worries and with the adulation of millions of fans. Yes, he keeps himself active in his sporting retirement. But, we must all remember, millionaires have feelings too!

Warney took to Twitter to lament his misfortune shortly after busting out of the Main Event. Via his Twitter account ShaneWarne, followed by just under three million people, he gave his forthright views as he said:

There is nothing worse than taking a bad beat with Aces. For some people, there is nothing worse than bad beat stories , but I feel we should let him off. It must be very irritating to get a great hand on two occasions in quick succession and suffer two terrible beats. What Shane surely knows is that KQ and 66 both have some equity against even a premium hand like AA and we all know AA weakens as the hand progresses. He just got unlucky. $10,000 unlucky, but that is easy for me to say!

Some of the responses to his tweet, which it is unclear whether Shane actually reads or not, were quite funny.

@Luke_Elvey said:

@ShaneWarne even more than getting belted to all parts of the ground? I know it was rarely, but still...”

CathP82 stuck the knife in a bit, saying:

@ShaneWarne tough life. First world problems”

Doesn’t Cath know Shane is hurting here? After a short time basking in the pain of losing with pocket aces twice in such a huge event Shane took to Twitter again to lament his bad luck some more.

That is poker! But yes, bad beats really do hurt so I do have lots of sympathy for Warney. I feel you dude. In most scenarios getting Aces twice would have seen Shane double or even treble his stack. He may have rode the large stack much deeper into the tournament, but it was not to be.

The tough thing for any player is that the Main Event comes around once a year and it is so tough to get a deep run in the tournament. Pocket rockets getting cracked twice is bad but not unheard of luck for an active player, but there are not that many WSOP Main Event tournaments for the luck to balance out! Hopefully Shane will enjoy better luck next year.

Shane finished his rant with:

Yes Shane, it probably has! Fortunately for Shane, the summer season is upon us and he is back giving us the benefit of his expertise on the cricket field, a place where he enjoyed phenomenal success based on nothing but talent and skill.

We wish him a good summer!

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