Susie Zhao Murder Trial Delayed Again

1 week ago
Susie Zhao Murder Trial Delayed Again
03 May

The trial of the man accused of murdering poker player Susie Zhao has been rescheduled again; this time for September. During the next phase of the trial the jury will be selected and then decide if Jeffery Morris is guilty of felony murder.

Morris was originally charged with first-degree muder until further evidence was gathered indicating that a sexual assault had taken place, upgrading the charge to felony murder.


Susie Zhao was a well-known poker player on the live circuit in the US; liked and respected by her fellow grinders. The 33-year-old’s badly burned body was discovered in a state recreation ground on June 13 2020 and Jeffery Morris was tracked down and charged a matter of weeks later.

The pair allegedly met in a motel the night before Zhao died with Morris claiming that she left before midnight "and took all of her belongings including her cell phone with her." The cell phone company was able to confirm that she did in fact stay in the motel until 5am and then CCTV footage recorded Morris driving to the area where Zaho’s body was later found.

Police took a bloodied baseball bat and bed sheet from Morris’s car as evidence, but didn’t reveal any results from the forensics lab testing.

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